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The movie Halloween showed in 1978 is a genuinely scary, very stylistic and tasteful, extremely well-made slasher/horror classic film from a young film director John Carpenter. The film set in a motion the Puritanical, psycho-pathological style or principle that one's survival was directly parallel or proportional to one's sexual experience. It also stated and asserted the allegorical idea that sexual awakening often have the meaning of the literal death of innocence.

With the title main character Laurie played by Jamie Lee Curtis a virgin, she is able to survive and escape mostly unscathed as does the asexual Dr. Loomis and the very young pre-teen Tommy Doyle, but others who are more sexually-charged and promiscuous are less fortunate and suffer deadly outcome and consequences as victims. In this movie, murders often occur right after sexual encounters when victims are mostly distracted and off-guard.

The Director Carpenter made and used anamorphic Panavision framing 2:35 aspect ratio for the movie to make it appear much classier than its low-budget status. When the film was showed and aired in 1981 on some commercial network television, Carpenter was engaged and obliged to shoot about 12 minutes of additional footage to replace the violent and gory scenes, due to the numerous cuts made.

The exploitative, and low-budget film, made and filmed in about 20 days; invented many of the slasher movies clinches, along with these vintage and classic predecessors of the modern slasher: just like the George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead -1968, there is also Mario Bava's Bay of Blood -1971, William Friedkin's big-budget and scariest The Exorcist-1973, Bob Clark's Black Christmas -1974, and lastly the Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-1974. Thus this film had set the standard in slasher/ horror film.

Movies have been one of the most favorite past time of our lives. Since the entertainment industry continue to give us various entertainment from different genres, the people as well continue to appreciate those and waited for what is new to the movie industry that are worth watching for.

Though every one of us has different preference when it comes to movies, of course a good story will always touch lives that is something to relate with. It's not also that we watch it because we want to be entertained but of course to learn from it as well where, in some way, we can pick lessons that are applicable also in our day-to-day activities as we continue living in this world.

One of the films produced way back 1978 is the Halloween. It was an independent American horror film. Halloween was directed by John Carpenter. He was also the producer and scorer for this movie. The lead casts of the film were Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis. The film setting was in the town of Haddonfield, Illinois.

The story of the film revolved in the life of a six year old Michael Myers who murdered his elder sister by stabbing her with knife. Fifteen years after the murder, he returned home when he escaped from a psychiatric hospital he was in and stalks Laurie Strode including her friends.

Dr. Sam Loomis, Michael's psychiatrist suspected his intention on following Strode and her friends. With the doctor's suspicion, and to prevent Myers from killing, he followed to Haddonfield. The film performed good in the box office earning $47.3 million in the US and $60 million worldwide. The film's budget $320,000.It was also considered as one of the most profitable independent films at that time.

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Halloween (1978)